Feast or Famine

Happy New Year to you all.

Are you someone who starts dieting in January after the Christmas festivities?

Do you find you are under the weather, feeling blue and as hard as you try you can’t lose those pounds or even have the willpower to lose those gained pounds?

I find it impossible to shift any weight, unless I eat just a lettuce leaf, at this time of year and just make myself feel miserable due to the failure of not being able to lose weight.

Don’t be too hard on yourself as this might be nature intervening.

After years of making myself miserable and being ill in Jan, I don’t diet until end of March beginning of April when my body rhythms want to be outside in the open air exercising and craving for leaner foods.

In the natural world the winter months are about famine when food would be scarce and nature is in hibernation.

We naturally, therefore, stock up on fats to keep us going and to insulate us against the chilling winter winds and those awful winter colds and sniffles that inflict us at this time of year.

Do you remember that saying that you should ‘feed a cold’? Also when we have more fat on our bodies we are more able to fight off those chest infections and bugs that are prevalent at this time of year.

I hibernate under my blanket and eat warming broths and stews making plans for spring time when I can come out of hibernation and start weight reduction naturally.

Please try my Bone Broth recipe (SoGlos’s recipe of the month for January) which is a good base for soups and stews when in hibernation. If you are vegetarian then substitute for a good veggie broth made from vegetable peelings and leftovers from vegetarian preparations.

Join us in February for classes to help with healthier eating options for the spring: Low Carb, High Veg; Introduction to Fermentation; Gluten Free Cookery; Vegetarian Indian Takeaway Experience.