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Join us for a day of talks demos and tastings where we celebrate the return of wild meadow grazing, excellent animal husbandry, re-wilding of natural meadow. Taking the cattle from the meadow to the butcher who will demonstrate getting the most from the beast unusual cuts and the cheaper but equally as tasty cuts. Followed by a fire cooked demonstration of beef cuts.

Doors open from 10.30am: You will be welcomed and have the opportunity to buy a drink and a raffle ticket from the bar.

11am to 11.30am

‘Traditional Herefords, a rare native breed at risk of disappearing. A hardy, slow growing breed with great marbling and taste

These animals are part of a project to restore wildflower meadows and heathlands across the Forest of Dean 

We have lost 97% of our wildflower meadows. They are now an incredibly rare and delicate habitat, important for a huge number of species. Cattle play a vital role in the ecological balance to restore the remaining fragments of unique habitat

These animals are reared slowly on a diet of wildflower herbs and grasses. Deep rooting, varied plants mean lots of nutrients are drawn from deep in the soil producing nutrient dense, healthy meat’ Alex Crawley | Director www.grazingmanagement.co.uk

Alex will talk to us about re-wilding, boosting biodiversity, wild meadow beef, native beef breeds, rearing rare steer using high welfare husbandry, their impact on the ecosystem and land.

11.45am to 12.15pm

Old Cuts in a butcher's shop often refer to traditional or less commonly used cuts of meat that have been overshadowed by popular choices. These cuts might require different cooking methods to achieve optimal tenderness and flavour. Exploring old cuts can be a delightful culinary adventure, offering unique textures and tastes beyond the familiar options found in modern butcher displays.’ Jon Pritchard and Karl Davis / Directors FB: themeathut

Jon and Karl from the Meat Hut will do a live demo of butchering cuts of Grazing management beef. They will have a handout explaining the more unusual cuts of bee .

12.30pm to 1pm

We are very passionate about provenance and supporting local business. This collaboration with passionate like-minded producers is very exciting as we believe it is currently unique anywhere in the UK. Cooking on fire adds its own distinct flavour profiles.’ Joe Parke/Chef Manager  www.hartsbarncookeryschool.co.uk

Joe and HBCS team will perform a Fire cooked demo with tasters using Grazing Management beef butchered by The Meat Hut. A sample of quick cooked beef cuts will be cooked during the demo .

From 1.15pm

Stay and lunch with us. Available to buy from fire cage:

Slow smoked beef chuck taco, fermented lime cream, pink onions, hot sauce

£5 per person

Our bar will be open to purchase a drink


There will be an opportunity to buy:

A raffle ticket to win a mixed box of goodies including from Grazing Management, The Meat Hut and HBCS

Meat Boxes from Grazing Management

Butchered meat from The Meat Hut

Products from HBCS

Don't miss our supper club continuing the celebration of Local Wild Meadow Beef from 7pm. To book go to  https://www.hartsbarncookeryschool.co.uk/classes/events/supper-clubs/a-celebration-of-local-wild-meadow-beef-supperclub

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