Cooking with Fire and Smoke

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Cooking with fire and smoke should be all year round, and not just for summer or sunny weather!

Food cooked over fire and smoke are enhanced and lifted to another level! Join us and learn how to cook with wood and charcoal on firepit, tripod, clay oven, FireCage, smokers and other grills.

Cooking with fire & smoke becomes even more enticing when using different charcoal and wood types.

Add to that the exciting flavours from marinades, rubs and flavoured salts

Our classes will be seasonal and take place come rain or shine, please dress for the weather. 

We will use speciality charcoal and wood from the Forest of Dean and Herefordshire.

As the class is seasonal the menu and items cooked on the class will vary. We have had smoked feta, made rubs, cooked mutton joints, BBQ vegetable selection, jointed chickens, skewers & kebabs, clay baked chickens and vegetables, salt baked trout, stuffed flatbread, even a whole Christmas feast and so much more.

The class is very much hands on!

There will be plenty of tastings throughout the class ending with a sit down meal. Please be aware that weather can effect the heat from wood and charcoal fires, which means it may take longer than anticipated to complete cooking. We will sit down and eat the food together, but if you do need to get away at a certain time, please let your chef know at the start of the class. Thankyou.

Duration: 3 hours-ish 

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