ETHIOPIAN Fire Cooked Supperclub - A Showcase of Longhope Ram

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Lentils Roasted Ram


Join us for a fire cooked evening meal in our Apple Barn focusing on a single Longhope Ram from the boys at The Meat Hut 

The meal will be served for everyone to enjoy the food and the experience together.

 To start, sit down, make new friends and try a taste of Ethiopia with;

Injera, sourdough teff flour flatbreads

Shiro wat, spiced chickpea dip

Misir Wat, red lentil stew

Ergo, fermented yogurt

Berbere spiced ram kebabs


The next dishes added to the table will be;

Tibs, stir fried ram with niter kebbeh spiced butter, onions & chillies

Crown of ram, whole rack & loin roasted whole

served with spiced sweet potatoes & yams

Gomen, sauteed greens 

Timatim, fresh tomato salad


To finish;

 Flame-roasted-apricot & honey ice cream

served with Ethiopian cardamom coffee


Our licenced bar will be stocked with local beers, wines, gins and other choices.

How Many People are Attending?
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