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Meat Preparation, Butchery and Cookery Class – Nose to Tail Butchers Bargains

“If you are going to do the animal the disservice of killing it, it is only polite to eat it all.” Fergus Henderson.

In this course we look at:

How you can eat amazing, tasty, ethical meat, yes, offal! Without breaking the bank, and what you should be looking for when buying it.

The benefits of having a good relationship with a butcher.

The skills to get the most from these more labour intensive but super rewarding cuts.

Demos and practical sessions will include some of the following:

A demo of making haggis utilising the pluck.

Sweetbreads (Thymus).

Preparing livers and cooking liver.

Kidneys with a sherry based sauce

Preparing and make faggots.

There will be plenty of tasting opportunities throughout the class.

Aprons and hot drinks will be provided in the class

Duration: 4 hours 

How Many People are Attending?
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