A light and easy pancake.

By : Harts Barn Cookery School | Difficulty : Easy


• 300g plain flour
• 1 tsp turmeric
• Pinch salt
• 3 large eggs, beaten
• 300ml semi-skimmed milk and 300ml water mixed together
• Vegetable oil, for frying

• Mix the flour, salt and turmeric together in a large bowl.
• Make a well in the middle and add the beaten eggs plus a splash of the milk and water mix.
• Whisk until smooth and thick, without any lumps. Gradually whisk in the rest of the milk and water mix to make a thin batter.
• Use a funnel to transfer the batter to a squeezy bottle.
• Heat 1 tsp oil in a non-stick frying pan.
• Squeeze the bottle and scribble a net of the batter into the pan, working as quickly as you can.
• When the pancake has set (after about 30 secs), flip it with a spatula and briefly cook the other side.
• These pancakes cook very quickly, so watch them closely!
• Repeat with the remaining batter, adding more oil as needed.
• If you want to keep the pancakes warm while you cook the rest, heat the oven to 140C/120C fan/gas 1 and layer them between sheets of baking paper.

Prep & cook time 40mins.

Serves 8 making approx 24 pancakes.